‘Two, maybe three years’ says one fan

Capitals star winger Alexander Ovechkin was suspended two games for his illegal hit on Brian Campbell Sunday. Ovechkin released a statement today saying he was disappointed by the suspension. Hawks fans agreed, but for completely different reasons.

“I did not intend to injure Brian and that is why I was disappointed with the NHL’s decision yesterday,” the statement read, insinuating that Ovechkin felt two games was too long of a suspension.

Hawks fans agreed two games wasn’t appropriate, but thought it was far from steep enough.

“Two, maybe three years,” said Hawks fan Phil Summers. “Sure I’ve not been thrilled with Campbell since he got that fat contract last year, but not so much that he deserved to get thrown into the boards from behind like that. Huet maybe, but definitely not Soupy.”

By Brad Zibung, founder and editor in chief