His foot injury is serious enough to keep Joakim Noah on the bench for long stretches during recent games. But the Bulls center still finds his case of plantar fasciitis a laughing matter, giggling like a schoolgirl anytime anyone mentions the ailment.

Head Team Physician Dr. Brian Cole held a press conference before Wednesday’s game against the Indiana Pacers to talk about Noah’s progress with the injury, which kept him out of a few games before last week’s All-Star break and has limited his playing time and production since.

“This is a very painful condition,” Cole said. “It has to do with the arch of the foot, and severly hinders Mr. Noah’s mobility on the basketball court. We must treat this case of plantar fasciiti…”

“Tee-hee-hee,” Noah interrupted, giggling uncontrollably. “I love that word. Say it again!”

“Anyway,” Cole continued, “As I said, it’s a very serious condition. But with a few more weeks of treatment, we should be able to get the plantar fasciitis under control.”

After Cole was finished, Noah proceeded to burst out into laughter, causing tears to stream down his face.

By Matthew Wood, intrepid reporter