‘Telling my drop-dead gorgeous wife and kids in our mansion was the toughest’ says disgraced slugger

Mark McGwire officially ended the long-standing speculation about his use of performance enhancing drugs today when he confirmed he did in fact use steroids for a decade during his playing career, highlighted by the historic 1998 home run race with Sammy Sosa that captivated the nation. The retired slugger and multimillionaire fought back tears during his public confession and said breaking the news to his swimsuit model wife “was the toughest.”

“I looked Stephanie deep in her beautiful 33-year-old baby blues and just about broke down,” said the 46-year-old McGwire. “Luckily, she showed the same kind of composure and resolve as she did during her super-hot 2002 Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot, and really maintained herself.”

After breaking the news to his wife, McGwire–who made $75 million in salary alone during his playing career–gave a phone interview from his multi-million dollar mansion in a gated Southern California community. Despite his vast wealth and fame, he said he now regrets his steroid use.

“Using steroids for 10 years was the worst decision of my life,” said McGwire, sitting comfortably on his $4,000 Italian loveseat. “I wish I had never played during the steroid era, when my salary ballooned from $60,000 my first season to $11 million my last. If I didn’t have the physical talent to compete at a professional level, I never should have cheated, because we all know cheaters never win.”

By Brad Zibung