Monday night’s Bulls-Kings game finished past The Heckler’s deadline, but we’re almost positive the Bulls pulled this one out. As of press time, the Bulls held a nearly insurmountable 23-point lead in the fourth quarter. Simply put, there’s just no way they could have blown this one.

We’re just happy the eventual outcome won’t be any worse for the Kings. They trailed by more than 30 points for much of the first half. Losses like that can be quite demoralizing for a team.

“We just weren’t able to compete,” we imagine Kings coach Paul Westphal said. “It’s hard, because a loss like this can be demoralizing to a team. If you lose a game like this, things can go downhill in a hurry. At least we weren’t at home,” he might have continued.

Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro was relieved to win a blowout after a rough stretch. After the game, we bet he said something like, “This was a really great win for our team. We’ve been down a bit lately, so it’s great to get a big win like this. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if we blew this one. Man, that’s the kind of stuff that gets a coach fired. I sure am glad that didn’t happen.”

By Matthew Wood, intrepid reporter