News broke this week that Michael Jordan is suing grocery chains Jewel and Dominick’s for using his likeness without his consent in ads congratulating him for his Hall of Fame induction this summer. The Dominick’s ad in question included a coupon for steak, which the former superstar promptly redeemed to save a few bucks.

“In these tough economic times, it’s not easy to be strapped with a ballooning monthly alimony payment and child support,” said Jordan. “Plus, I saved 30 percent, which coincidentally was what I shot from the field my last season in Washington.”

Jordan’s legendary competitive fire has infamously dragged him into the gambling scene numerous times. He took advantage of his legal situation by “making things interesting” and placing a $100,000 bet that he’d win the Jewel and Dominick’s court cases in less than three months.

“Vegas was offering me 3-to-1 odds so it wasn’t like I could say no,” said Jordan. “Everyone knows M.J. doesn’t back down from a challenge, be it in the basketball arena, in a courtroom or in a smoke-filled casino.”

By Brad Zibung, editor in chief