White Sox TV announcer Hawk Harrelson was arrested by Minneapolis police a few hours after Wednesday’s Sox-Twins game when he was caught smashing an outer wall of the Metrodome with a sledgehammer. Harrelson had spent several hours drinking and celebrating both the Sox ninth-inning comeback win over Minnesota and the fact that it was his team’s last-ever game at the Metrodome, before the Twins open a new stadium next season.

Harrelson has a his long-standing hatred of the Metrodome that he blames on the Sox dismal performance there throughout the years. At some point after Wednesday’s game he took it upon himself to tear down the stadium.

During police interrogation, Harrelson was told the Metrodome is not scheduled for demolition because the Vikings will still play football there.

“Where the hell is Ozzie, dagumit?” Harrelson asked in response, referring to the White Sox manager who also hates the Metrodome. “He’s supposed to be bringing the dynamite.”

By Ian Schochet