Less than a day after Tony LaRussa’s February 2020 DUI arrest broke, the new White Sox skipper attempted to break the ice with Tim Anderson by placing a long-awaited phone call to the team’s star shortstop. There was only one problem.

“He was hammered,” said Anderson. “I can’t believe the first time I heard from my new manager was on a drunk dial.”

Anderson said LaRussa tried to play it cool, but clearly was impaired.

“He was like ‘Timmmay … it’s me. Coach LaRussa,'” said Anderson. “He kept trying to call me ‘Bro’ but I wasn’t having that.”

Anderson said that eventually LaRussa took the hint that Anderson would have preferred their first conversation to be under different circumstances.

“He ended it by saying something like ‘Okayyy Timmmmay bro, let’s connect tomorrow afternoon when I wake up after all this partying tonight,'” recounted Anderson. “And then right before he hung up he said ‘Okay cool, we’ll talk soon. Not a racist. Bye.”

Idea by Lauren W