White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf was waxing nostalgic this week as he pondered who his team’s next manager should be.

“We’ve had so many great ones,” said Reinsdorf. “Torborg, Lamont, Bevington, Manuel, that guy who used to be our shortstop, Ventura, and the guy I just fired…”

But Reinsdorf wanted to go back further.

“How about Jim Fregosi?” asked Reinsdorf. “I always liked the way he handled himself.”

Reinsdorf was soon informed that Fregosi — who managed the White Sox from 1986 to 1988, compiling a meager 193-226 record — had unfortunately passed away in 2014.

“Aw crap,” said Reinsdorf. “What about that guy who managed before him?”

That man turned out to be 76-year-old Tony LaRussa, whom Reinsdorf vaguely remembered and hired instantly nonetheless.

“Those were good days, the 1980s,” said Reinsdorf. “That’s the kind of sensibility we need to bring back to the ballpark to keep our current team of flashy young studs under wraps.”