After it was over and the moment had finally begun to sink in, all lifelong Cubs fan Joshua Barksdale could do was wipe away tears of joy.

“You wait for this day for so long, what feels like your whole life you hope you get a chance to see it, and when it finally arrives, you just really don’t know how to act,” said Barksdale.

He shares the sentiment of the City of Chicago, which is in the midst of an enormous celebration following the Cubs’ first extra base hit in a month. It happened in the first inning of Sunday’s win over┬áthe Dodgers when Ryan Theriot drove a fastball into the gap for a double.

When Theriot reached second base, the entire Cubs team emptied out onto the field and surrounded him. They hoisted Theriot onto their shoulders and carried him off in front of a crowd that included many ecstatic Cubs fans.

To celebrate this milestone achievement, the City of Chicago is planning to have a ticker-tape parade down Michigan Avenue in time for the Cubs’ next extra base hit, which is expected some time next month.

By Tim Weaver