When it comes to boozing quarterbacks, Bears fans may have thought Kyle Orton was prolific, but Jay Cutler has taken partying to a new level, as evidenced by the novelty beer-drinking helmet he wore to the last training camp practice in Bourbonnais Friday.

“We thought he was trying to loosen us up,” said Matt Forte. “It turns out he was so hung over he thought it was his real helmet.”

Cutler was indeed hung over, due to an all-night drinking game he played with buddy Greg Olsen that involved watching the previous year’s film and chugging a beer every time the defense failed to stop the opposing team on third and long.

“It’s a good thing I washed off the mustache Greg drew on me when I passed out,” said an embarrassed Cutler. “That would have been really humiliating.”

Fortunately for Cutler, the incident didn’t get him in any trouble with his new head coach.

“We’ve been searching for a way to keep him hydrated during practices,” said Lovie Smith. “As long as the helmet doesn’t affect his play on the field and he substitutes the beer with Gatorade after kickoff, I’m all for it.”

From theĀ August 2009 issue by Michael Kloempken