Carlos Zambrano and Milton Bradley recently joined an exclusive club of Chicago sports icons, including Michael Jordan and Greg Maddux, by appearing on the box of a popular breakfast cereal. Unlike their predecessors — who can be found on Wheaties boxes — the Cubs duo will instead appear on a limited production of Kellogg’s Froot Loops.

“For years, Kellogg’s has used mascot Toucan Sam to market Froot Loops to kids,” said a Kellogg’s spokesman. “We feel that Carlos and Milton will be able to match the cartoon bird’s appeal due to their unpredictable personalities and crazy antics.”

Zambrano is excited for the promotion to begin.

“Ever since Gatorade fell through, Big Z has been looking for a new endorsement deal,” said the Cubs ace. “Now when Big Z strikes out the side, you will see me point up at the Toucan as I walk back to the dugout.”

To kick off the promotion, Froot Loops will feature a limited edition “two-out fly ball prize” at the bottom of every box.

“When I was a kid, I never waited until I finished the cereal to get the prize,” said Bradley. “I wouldn’t want to make the fans wait until the end of an inning before I toss them a souvenir, either.” 

In a related story, General Mills is allegedly speaking with Cubs manager Lou Piniella regarding a cereal box deal of his own. However, Piniella has not yet commented on whether he’ll endorse Total or Fiber One. 

From the August 2009 issue by Drew Adams