Steve Weinstein of Lakeview made it to his ninth Cubs game of the season Saturday. Unfortunately, he doesn’t remember any plays from the Cubs 3-1 win over Pittsburgh because he spent most of the afternoon on his iPhone.

“We got to our seats late after lunch and beers at Murphy’s,” said Weinstein. “I took some pictures of the field and uploaded them to Facebook and Twitter. I also checked my fantasy baseball lineup a few times since I had a couple of pitchers going that day. Then my friends were texting me and commenting on my pictures, and my phone took forever to load.”

He blames his iPhone’s delayed load times on AT&T’s inability to provide service for large crowds for missing much of the action. He also claims he got stuck in a couple long restroom and concession lines.

“I took a great picture from my phone during the Seventh Inning Stretch,” he said. “John Cusack was great. The next thing I knew, the crowd cheered and everyone started singing ‘Go Cubs Go.’ Man, there were two drunk girls falling all over each other while they sang and I captured the whole thing on video from my phone. It was awesome.”

From the August 2009 issue by Tim Barb