Fresh off his trade from Pittsburgh, new Cubs pitcher Tom Gorzelanny exceeded all expectations Tuesday night, throwing a gem as the Cubs beat the Reds 6-3 and maintained their first-place tie with the Cardinals.

“I never heard of this guy, but he’s definitely our ticket to the playoffs,” said Peter Strubel of Lakeview. “Hell, maybe even the World Series.”

Gorzelanny was dominant, scattering three hits over seven-and-one-third innings and allowing just one run. The Cubs bullpen did their part to keep in interesting by giving up a pair of late-inning runs, but that didn’t phase Strubel.

“I feel it’s finally time to get excited about this team,” said Strubel. “Last time Hendry swindled the Pirates out of young talent was 2003, and we all remember how magical of a season that was. Well, up until the last 11 innings of the playoffs anyway.”

By Brad Zibung, founder and editor in chief