Ex-Bear Kevin Butler’s comeback attempt was thwarted when his scheme was uncovered by police in his Chicago-area home.
Police were tipped off by a seamstress who says the 47-year-old retired kicker came into her shop last week and specifically asked for her to make him capital “C” letters and was adamant about them fitting on the back of NFL jerseys.
Butler played with the Bears from 1985 to 1995.
“We received a search warrant and broke into Mr. Butler’s residence,” Police spokesman Don Marks said. “We found him sitting with a sewing machine with No. 6 Chicago Bears jerseys scattered throughout the room. We believe he was cutting out the ‘B’ and replacing it with a ‘C’ on all his old ‘Butler’ uniforms, making them read ‘Cutler’.”
Butler, who wore the same No. 6 that current Bears quarterback Jay Cutler wears and ironically bears a last name that is a mere letter difference from Cutler, had planned to capture Cutler and take his on-field identity for the 2009 NFL season.
“We heard about Brett Favre for months and I just figured the old quarterback comeback thing was in,” Butler said. “You know, kind of like the whole Angelina Jolie adopt-a-kid craze.”
Bears officials say they will on alert for any future perpetrators and note they have provided Robbie Gould extra security until they find the whereabouts of ex-Bears receiver Willie Gault.
By Jon Redmond