Charlie Wainright figured he was just being a good boyfriend when he agreed to skip Monday night’s Cubs game in favor of watching the season finale of “The Bachelorette” with his live-in girlfriend Sandy Smith. Had he known Alfonso Soriano was going to win the game with a 13th-inning grand slam, he would have made a different decision.

“I knew it was the start of a really big series against Houston, but I figured just this once I’d throw Sandy a bone,” said Wainright. “Never again.”

As a bored Wainright watched Sandy brush back tears during the second hour of “Final Rose” highlights, he had no clue he was missing one of the most exciting Cubs games of the season. After learning of his sacrifice, he attempted to leverage it with Smith.

“The fourth hour of the show ended at 11 so I logged onto to read the recap,” said Wainright. “I tried to explain to Sandy how crazy of a game I missed, but she wasn’t having it.”

Instead, Smith criticized Wainright, calling him “selfish” and “so unlike Ed,” the bachelor who won the heart of Jillian Harris, an interior designer from Canada.

“Ed was such a sweetheart,” said Smth, still crying a full three hours after the show ended. “I bet he’ll watch reality TV with Jillian whenever she wants and not complain about it like my jerk of a boyfriend.”

By Brad Zibung, founder and editor in chief