Former Cubs fan favorite Kerry Wood started his spring in a familiar way: with an injury. Now on the Indians, the closer sat out practices this week with a sore back before easing into workouts this morning. Despite a frustrating, injury-riddled career, Wood says he’s not too concerned about the achy back.

“When you have a semi-permanent place on the DL like me, nothing gets you too worked up,” said Wood. “Realistically, half of the season is all anyone can really expect from me anyway.”

Wood said he wasn’t surprised by the injury. Rather, he was surprised the rest of his body is currently intact.

“I’ve been sidelined by a bunch of injuries in my career — everything from elbow reconstruction to a blister,” said Wood. “We should all be surprised the only injury I’m suffering is a sore back. Gimme a few months and I’ll be suffering from things you’ve never heard of.”

heckler editorial staff