IRVING – Former NFL head coach Dan Reeves couldn’t get out of Valley Ranch fast enough on Wednesday as Dallas Cowboys owner-general manager Jerry Jones meddled with Reeves’ contract, forcing the former Cowboys running back to turn down a consulting position. Reeves flew back to his home in Atlanta.

“It was something in the contract, Jones wanted it, and I wasn’t comfortable with it,” Reeves said.

In true Dallas Cowboys fashion, Reeves had been assigned office space on Monday and had attended several team meetings before Jones decided to mess around with Reeves’ contract.

It was reported that Terrell Owens was breathing a bit easier on Thursday because now he probably won’t be among the “sweeping changes” that Cowboys fans were promised after the Cowboys 44-6 loss to Philadelphia during the last week of the season.

Jones, according to what Reeves said to ESPN, may be busier dealing with his $1.2 billion “Boss Hog Bowl” stadium project in Arlington than he is dealing with the lockerroom chaos brought on by T.O., Tony Romo and Roy Williams.


heckler editorial staff