IRVING – Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo told the Dallas Morning News he was ready to be a team leader in 2009. But he didn’t say why. It wasn’t the criticism of former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, Romo wants to lead because girlfriend Jessica Simpson said it was okay for him to do so.

“She told me to use Proactiv — wait a minute — be proactive,” Romo said. “So I’ve decided to lead.”

Romo would not discuss his relationship with Terrell Owens, or any of the receiving corps for that matter, but he did say he’s gotten his priorities right.

“There’s me and Jessica, then there’s everyone else,” Romo said. “That’s just me, I’m a romantic at heart.”

When one of the older reporters at Valley Ranch told Romo, that he was starting to remind him of when Yoko Ono and John Lennon broke up the Beatles, Romo stared blankly and said, “Who?”

Other reporters present restrained the man and allowed Romo to make his getaway to the lockerroom to start leading the Cowboys.

heckler editorial staff