DALLAS – Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin said he turned down President George W. Bush’s request that he be part of the negotiating team working to end the conflict with Al-Qaida.

Irvin was offered the position after talking to a gunman in another vehicle who turned out to be a Cowboys fan. Irvin said that during the incident he was very afraid.

“Who isn’t a Cowboys fan?” Bush said, according to an unnamed source. “Besides, who better to negotiate with America’s enemy than a member of America’s Team?”

Irvin told police on Monday he was stopped at a red light when two men in a truck pulled up next to him and rolled down the window. Irvin did likewise, thinking the men recognized him from his radio talk show. Instead, the passenger flashed a gun and mentioned being a “huge Cowboys fan.”

Irvin said he thanked the president for considering that Irving might be a player on the world stage, but said he would be content to be a player in Dallas-Fort Worth.

“As far as I know, Al-Qaida isn’t made up of Cowboys fans and they don’t seem to be listening to my show,” Irvin said. “So I don’t know how effective my help might be.”

heckler editorial staff