Thousands of die-hard Cubs fans look forward to mingling with current and former Cubs players, broadcasters and front office executives each January at the Cubs Convention, but this year, many fans were shocked by an unexpected appearance from former superstar Sammy Sosa. The once-beloved North Side slugger made his first appearance with the organization since fleeing the ballpark during the last game of the 2004 campaign.
“Sammy miss the fans that cheer when he hit the home run,” said a noticeably slimmer Sosa. “But many people walk by without sharing the love.”

Apparently, fans still harbor resentment over Sosa’s corked bat incident, allegations of steroid use, multiple sneezing injuries and “me-first” attitude. Sosa found this strange, as his booth suggests he has embraced the controversy.

“I have posters and stuff about all my adventures,” he said. “I’m a gladiator.”

Team officials were puzzled by his unauthorized appearance.

“We didn’t invite Sammy,” said a staffer who helped plan the festivities. “But he paid his money like all the other exhibitors, so he has as much right to be here as that guy selling the stuffed goat toys.”