The Bulls finally found out just how good it feels to be a bully. The wedgies, the purple-nurples, the swirlies, the 24-point beatings . apparently picking on someone smaller and weaker was just what the doctored ordered.

A clearly motivated and angry Bulls team took out their frustrations from an embarrassing loss to the Heat the night before on the Magic Thursday night in a 100-76 bullying in Orlando.

“Man, that felt good,” said Ben Gordon, who led the team with 25 points. “We basically rubbed their faces in dirt. I feel so alive right now.”

Kirk Hinrich contributed 17 points and a solid defensive effort. Luol Deng notched yet another double-double with 15 points and 14 rebounds, while Ben Wallace helped crash the boards with 12 rebounds.

The Bulls are in Boston on Sunday then bring the Celtics home on Tuesday. If the Bulls drop either one of these games against the bottom-dwelling Celtics, swear off basketball for good.
Number of the night: 55
Days until opening night for the Chicago Sky. Admit it: You’re ecstatic.

heckler editorial staff