Touted by Cubs brass as the next great outfield prospect for what seems like a decade, Felix Pie’s shot at the big leagues doesn’t seem to be nearing any time soon. Even after a hot spring, Pie’s hopes to be roaming the Wrigley Field outfield when the season starts still appear remote.

“He’s played far too well to join the team,” Piniella said of Pie, who batted .391 with nine hits and four RBI in eight games. “I believe Cliff Floyd, even if injured, will be a far more effective performer for us this season.”

General manager Jim Hendry, who decided against a September 2006 call-up from the minors for Pie, agrees with the new Cubs manager.

“Felix may be playing great, but we don’t want to rush the kid like we did Corey [Patterson], Bobby [Hill], [Hee Seop] Choi and even Kerry [Wood],” said Hendry. “Felix is still pretty raw so a little extra seasoning in Triple-A–maybe seven or eight more years–and Felix will probably be ready for the big leagues.”

heckler editorial staff