When NBA commissioner David Stern announced the 2007 NBA All-Star Game would be held in Las Vegas, players around the league let out a collective, “Hell yeah!”

But much to the players’ chagrin, the weekend was not be as grand affair as originally anticipated.

According to Stern, a “minor oversight” forced all players to stay at Circus Circus, instead of Vegas hotspots like the Palms or Hard Rock.

“Well, we forgot to book rooms for the players,” Stern said. “It was a minor oversight and all the other hotels were booked by the time we caught it. But luckily Circus Circus had rooms left and even gave us a great group rate.” But Cleveland Cavaliers forward Lebron James and the rest of the players did not share Stern’s grateful attitude.

“Circus [expletive deleted] Circus?” James said. “I’m terrified of clowns. How am I supposed to get any sleep when I’m surrounded by clowns?”

Stern acknowledged Coulrophobia , or fear of clowns, was a concern, but said there a therapist was on hand to help deal with any night terrors.

heckler editorial staff