Bulls coach Scott Skiles had choice words for officials Tony Brothers, Greg Willard and Jason Phillips after last night’s 112-111 loss to the Raptors.

“[Expletive deleted] you!”

Skiles’ frustration was understandable after several consecutive bad calls in the game’s closing seconds. The first was a foul called on forward Tyrus Thomas to send T.J. Ford to the line for the game winning free throws.

“Is this basketball or pansy-ball?” Skiles said. “What a terrible call. He barely touched him.”

The second was a clock discrepancy that ensued from the call on Thomas, allowing a half second or more to run off the clock. After Willard blew his whistle to call the play dead, the clock failed to stop and Skiles blew his lid about the call after the game.

“[Expletive deleted] of [expletive deleted] with a [expletive deleted] and mini-blinds,” Skiles said. “I [expletive deleted] with [expletive deleted] Richard Simmons and [expletive deleted] a Chuck Norris roundhouse to the face.”

The nail in the coffin came on uncalled foul against guard Ben Gordon at the last second of the game, causing him to throw up his second game-losing airball in three games.

Luol Deng put up a career-high 30-points in the loss, but the terrible defensive effort from the Bulls allowed the Raptors to shoot 54 percent from the field.

The game marked the first Bulls loss to the Raptors in 16 games. It also marked the first time Chuck Norris and Richard Simmons have ever been mentioned in the same sentence in the history of the written word.

Number of the night: 4
Yellow snowballs the refs were hit with in the parking lot after the game before they realized why the snowballs were yellow.

heckler editorial staff