John Madden has had a well-known man-crush on Brett Favre for years. The NBC color commentator took the relationship a step further today when he sent a Valentine’s Day┬ácard, bouquet of roses and a box of half-eaten chocolates to his all-time favorite football player.

When the delivery arrived at the Favre residence, Brett’s wife Deanna mistakenly thought the gift was for her. She couldn’t believe when she opened the card and saw it was for Brett.

“The front of the card said ‘I Want to Score with You’,” Deanna Favre said. “The inside had a picture of Brett and John together and he scribbled, ‘Brett, You’re the Extra Point to my Touchdown, Love John Madden.'”

Deanna said she was going to give the heart-shaped box of chocolates to their children but was disgusted to find nearly all of the candies had been eaten.

“Every one of the chocolates had a bite taken out of them.” She described. “The only ones that were left were ones filled with coconut.”

heckler editorial staff