Just a few days removed from their team’s Super Bowl loss, Bears fans have begun to look for ways to cope with perhaps the toughest loss in franchise history. From the slightly disappointed to the downright depressed, fans have found multiple ways to get by until the 2007 season begins in September.

“I was pretty broken up after the loss, I have to admit.” Jana Scalzitti said with a groan. “I felt a lot better after watching a highlight reel of the 2006 season. Fans need to realize the season isn’t a wash just because of one loss. There were some really special moments.”

Now that the season has ended, Mark Coppin has decided to make good use of Sunday afternoons by volunteering at a local church.

“I don’t consider myself a religious person, but there’s something about a church that makes me feel good about myself,” Coppin said. “I can put sports aside until baseball season and focus on something else for a change.”

In an extreme case, Susan Carlson says her husband, Ralph, has been hiding in their bedroom closet since late Sunday night.

“At first I thought it was just temporary, but now I’m starting to get concerned. I’ve had to call him in sick for work for the last two days and he will only crack the door open for food,” Susan Carlson said. “The most disturbing thing is that he has been continuously humming ‘Bear Down, Chicago Bears’ over and over again.”

heckler editorial staff