With less than a week to go until Super Bowl XLI, both the Colts and the Bears are finalizing their game plans. The Bears hope to stop Indy’s passing attack by putting Charles Tillman on Marvin Harrison, an idea that has the Colts wideout pumped up.

“Did you see what Steve Smith did to Tillman in last year’s playoffs?” asked Harrison. “Plus, that dude is a midget. I mean, they call him ‘peanut.’ Who knows how many times I’m gonna burn him on Sunday?”

Harrison and teammate Reggie Wayne then began listing the ways; everything from the hitch-and-go to the skinny post to the 20-yard out. After about 10 minutes of discussion and almost forgetting to include a one-handed sideline catch, they settled on 14.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they run him out of Chicago after this one,” said Harrison. “I might even catch a couple with my eyes closed.”

heckler editorial staff