The City of Indianapolis doesn’t receive much national attention. In fact, if it weren’t for the “Indiana” in “Indianapolis,” most people would not know to which state it belonged. Case in point: up until the Colts reached the Super Bowl, racing fans mistakenly thought that “Indy 500” was an abbreviation for “Independent 500.”

“I figured the race commemorated our nation’s freedom,” said Indy car fan Billy Joe Hendricks. “It’s always held around Memorial Day, so it made sense to think that it was short for ‘Independent 500.'”

Even some football fans and players were surprised the Colts played out of Indianapolis, which is further testament to the lack of recognition the city receives.

“They play out of Indianapolis,” a puzzled Devin Hester said. “Who’s playing in Baltimore now? I didn’t realize Indiana had any professional sports teams.”

heckler editorial staff