If there is one story line that has already been beat into the ground it’s that Super Bowl XLI head coaches are also best friends. The Colts’ Tony Dungy and Bears’ Lovie Smith are so tight the two traveled to Miami together┬áthis week, leaving their teams behind.

Smith surprised Dungy with plane tickets to Miami late last week telling his old pal that he wanted to spend some quality time together before the Super Bowl showdown.

“I did an Internet search for last-second deals to Miami and got a good one for just under $300 a ticket.” Smith said. “We have a three hour layover in Atlanta but I bought a couple of crossword books to keep us busy.”

Smith reported that he was unable to book the two seats next to each other, but he traded his window seat with a lady and was able to squeeze into the seat next to a heavyset man and Dungy.

Win or lose in Super Bowl XLI, Dungy says the day of travel with his friend is one he’ll cherish forever.

“I traded him my Sun Chips for his cookie. He let me read his magazine and I let him borrow my headphones.” Dungy said. “No matter what happens during the game, the two of us will always have memories of that special flight to Miami.”

heckler editorial staff