Now that a judge has given Tank Johnson permission to travel with the team to Miami for Super Bowl XLI, the defensive lineman revealed his list of “must haves” when he and the rest of the Bears head to Miami.

Published from his home in Gurnee where Johnson is under house arrest, the list surprised few people. Here it is:

  • Magazines to read on the beach
  • Glock .22 pistol
  • Mustache/glasses/wig set
  • Ray Lewis’ list of lawyers at the Super Bowl
  • 200 rounds of .40 caliber Smith & Wesson ammo
  • Sunglasses
  • Paris Hilton’s phone number (from Urlacher)
  • AK-47 assault rifle (hidden in a beach chair)
  • Bail money
  • Fake passports (Swedish and Chinese)
  • Replica Refrigerator Perry jersey
heckler editorial staff