After helping his team reach its first Super Bowl in two decades, Bears kicker Lil’ Robbie Gould was ready to celebrate. As he ran off the field to the Bears locker room “I’m going to get jiggy with it” and the teen-aged looking kicker definitely got jiggy, maybe too jiggy, as far as his mother was concerned. She’s grounded the kicker after his postgame partying kept him out well past his curfew.

“But I went a bit overboard on Gatorade and didn’t make my 11:30 curfew,” said Gould, who was caught trying to sneak in his bedroom at his family’s suburban ranch home at 2 a.m. Monday. “My parents were peeved.”

It’s not known if Gould’s punishment will prevent him from participating in Super Bowl XLI, although he isn’t allowed to watch TV for a month and must help his mother wash dishes during that time.

heckler editorial staff