Sixteen offensive rebounds. That’s how the Indiana Pacers beat the Bulls last night at Conseco Fieldhouse, 98-91. Bulls coach Scott Skiles opted to play his smallest lineup in the history of pro basketball, essentially putting midgets on the floor against Indiana’s giant front line.

“I thought it would be like ‘Space Jam’,” Skiles said. “Our quick little guys running circles around their giant, alien players. Then I realized halfway through the game that even that team in ‘Space Jam’ had [Michael] Jordan and there was no way this was going to work.”

The Bulls did pull together a late rally to come within four, but according to Jermaine O’Neal, the Pacers were simply toying with them.

“They all looked so cute out there, like your kid brother on the playground trying to keep up,” O’Neal said. “But let them win? Hell no. This ain’t no charity chase.”

Number of the night: 18
Times I tried to write a funny “number of the night” and came up with crap. So this is what you get. You’re welcome.

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