Despite losing the NFC Championship game to the Bears, Saints rookie Reggie Bush spent the entire trip back to New Orleans taunting Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, just as he did during the third quarter of Sunday’s game.

“I guess he must have gotten my cell phone number, so he kept calling me and asking me if I remembered his touchdown,” said Urlacher. “Then he made fun of me for my shaved head. It sort of went downhill from there.”

Urlacher wasn’t the only one who was annoyed by Bush’s constant berating. Even his teammates thought it went too far.

“I think something about the game just sort of broke Reggie’s brain,” said Saints QB Drew Brees. “The taunts just got increasingly strange and juvenile. He even started chanting, ‘Urlacher and Lance Briggs sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.’ It was just weird.”

New Orleans coach Sean Payton finally stepped and ended the madness by taking away Bush’s phone.

“This isn’t the Pac-10,” Payton warned. “Next time we play against Urlacher, he’s going to break Reggie in half.”

heckler editorial staff