Blackhawks lost two more games over the weekend in a sport that has nothing to do with the Chicago Bears. So, in all honesty, this great city is in no way concerned about a mismanaged, losing hockey team. Everyone in the city is far more concerned with the Bears’ upcoming Super Bowl appearance. And that includes the players.


“This is really great,” said forward Tuomo Ruutu after Saturday night’s embarrassing loss in Nashville. “As long as the Bears win tomorrow and get to Miami then people could care less that we’re on a nine-game losing streak. No one knows we suck as bad as we do.”


There’s truth to those words. Chicago isn’t thinking about much of anything besides the Bears right now. Which is good for most Hawks players. Some, however, aren’t as thrilled.


“This sucks for us,” said defenseman Duncan Keith. “No one even noticed I cut my hair. All they can talk about is the Bears and Brian Urlacher. And he doesn’t even have hair. Sure, he’s still sexy as hell. But I have hair.”

The Hawks and the rest of the NHL have the All-Star break this week. Not that anyone will notice


Number of the Weekend: 39-14

You know what that is.

heckler editorial staff