David Beckham’s big week continued yesterday after the Chicago Cubs’ used some of their newfound bankroll to sign the international soccer superstar to a five-year deal for $135 million. This comes just one day after the former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder took advantage signed a $250 million contract with Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy.

Reached for comment on his unconventional move, Cubs GM Jim Hendry offered a realistic explanation.

“After seeing the news flashes about Beckham’s career, I saw that he had played some central midfielder,” said Hendry. “I think he could be our stopgap in center field until Felix Pie is ready. As for the extra four and half years, I figure he’ll be a good marketing tool for whoever buys the team next month.”

Beckham’s contract with Real Madrid runs out in June, and his first match with the Galaxy won’t be until August. His handlers say Real might allow him to leave early for Cubs spring training to learn the rules of the game.

“I’ve shown I’m athletic, so I’m sure I can get to most balls in center pitch,” said Beckham. “Batting looks tough, but I played cricket, so my hand-eye’s pretty good. And you lot bowl the balls a bit weird, but I have 135 million reasons to get the hang of it.”

heckler editorial staff