Soulja Boy’s hit song “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” has gripped the nation and will now leave a lasting impression on Chicagoans after an agreement between the 19-year-old artist and the Chicago Park District, the Bears’ home field will now be named Soulja Field thanks to a the 10-year, $100 million dollar agreement includes $100 incentive every time the song is played at the stadium, which should nearly double the contract’s payout.

The name change is a delight to players. Since Soulja Boy’s album was released in September, stadium officials say the song has been the most played during the Bears’ seven home games.

Returnman Devin Hester, who has nearly perfected his Soulja Boy dance, says hearing the song gets him pumped for his sensational returns and is cautioning the league that the re-naming of the field will make him better than ever.

“Every single time I hear that song I’m ready to take it the distance,” Hester said. “Now the stadium has the name, I could probably play the opponent on my own.”

Fans–many of whom do the song’s unique dance in a drunken stupor everytime it’s played at Soulja Field– are also delighted by the news.

“I love that song!” said Lance Davis from Schaumburg. “I just have to dance to it everytime it comes on the Soulja Field PA system, even if the lyrics are perverted.”

heckler editorial staff