With thoughts of bringing in 2007 with a bang, Bears back-up quarterbacks Brian Griese and Kyle Orton loaded the Bears locker room with champagne and party favors. A New Years bash before whopping the rival Green Bay Packers was a perfect way to end a successful 2006 season but, of course, the Packers had other ideas.


Griese and Orton had 100 bottles of champagne on ice ready and waiting for the rest of the team as they arrived at Soldier Field. Much to the players’ surprise, normally subdued head coach Lovie Smith was the life of the party.


“To see coach in the bear mascot costume was hysterical,” Brian Urlacher said.


While the Bears were the ones laughing prior to game time, the Packers were the ones laughing during the game. Rex Grossman, who personally drank four bottles of champagne, threw three interceptions on only 33 yards.


The boozed-up Bears turned the ball over six times as the Packers rolled to a 26-7 win.


“It seemed like a fun idea, drinking and then playing football.” Smith said after the game. “I drank too much and now I have a headache. I’m going to have to cut this press conference short and go lay down.”


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Rex Grossman’s QB rating, tears Bear fans will shed whenever Brett Favre retires and the blood alcohol level of nobody on the Bears at kickoff.

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