It was a close game for a few minutes, but the Bears held off the Arizona Cardinals 24-23 Monday night as Rex Grossman made up for his error-riddled game by pulling off a few key plays as time expired.

“Rex had a rough game,” said head coach Lovie Smith after his QB turned the ball over a whopping six times. “But we knew we could call his number at the end of regulation.”

And call his number Smith did. Three times, in fact. Had Grossman not pulled off the game-ending drive for the Bears by successfully taking a knee—the only thing he didn’t fail at Monday night—following a touchdown from his defense and another from the special teams in the closing five minutes of the game, the Bears may not have been able to hold on for the win.

“I screwed up pretty much everything else tonight,” said Grossman. “But at least I can still take the ball from center and fall to a knee without blowing it.”

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