Searching for a ratings boost in an otherwise dull Monday night game, the NFL accepted ESPN’s request to spot the Arizona Cardinals 23 points for their match up with the Bears.

“This will even the playing field a little and encourage viewers stay tuned in after halftime,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “We’re hoping the Bears will only have a 20-point lead by the fourth quarter.”

Cardinals head coach Denny Green not only believes his team deserved the points but also said the Cardinals shouldn’t even have to play the Bears again because they beat them in the preseason.

“We already beat them once,” Green said. “Exhibition, regular season, it shouldn’t matter. We won. Why should we have to play them again?”

The Bears weren’t necessarily thrilled with the early 23-point deficit but understood the circumstances.

“We’re really good.” Defensive end Alex Brown said with a smile. “This way we’ll probably only win by 20 or 30.”

heckler editorial staff