Another sad season for the Cubs concluded with a sad day for Andy MacPhail, who’s out of a job and posh country club membership after 12 years as president and CEO.

“This has been a great job and I’m really going to miss it,” said MacPhail, whose most notable achievement with the Cubs was signing Todd Hundly to a lucrative long-term contract in 2000 while general manager. “The perks are especially great. Who can beat a free membership at Medinah Country Club? Those greens are to die for.”

MacPhail brushed back a tear and contemplated his next career move.

“I’m sure I’ll get a job somewhere,” said MacPhail. “But will their country club have a clubhouse prime rib like Medinah’s? Probably not.”

Tribune brass named marketing man John McDonough as MacPhail’s interim replacement. It’s a curious move on the surface, but one that makes great sense when the Tribune’s financial state is considered.

“The Trib stock needs a jolt,” said McDonough. “The quickest way to do it is pack more fans in Wrigley. Next year is 4 million or bust. It’d be nice to win more games than we lose too.”

McDonough’s first order of business was embarrassing MacPhail by posting a ridiculously outdated photo of his outgoing predecessor on

heckler editorial staff