Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz and wide receiver Az-Zahir Hakim announced their engagement last night. The two revived their partnership in Detroit after a five-year seperation. Wedding details have not been made available.

The relationship was rekindled on Sept. 12 when the Lions signed Hakim at the special request of Martz.

“I missed him. I’ll never forget our years together in St. Louis,” Martz said after he gave theĀ  announcement. “When we were in St. Louis together, people called us ‘The Greatest Show on Turf.’ We were the best. It’s funny, you don’t realize what you love until you live without him (it).”

Martz, in his first year as Lions offensive coordinator, received a text message from Hakim last Monday. He was signed by the Lions on Tuesday.

“I just reminded him that I was a free agent. I had his cell number from our days with the Rams.” Hakim recalled. “Mike Martz’s playbook made my career. Mike Martz made me.”

Martz and Hakim will enjoy their first weekend as an official couple this weekend in Chicago. The Lions (0-1) play the Bears (1-0) Sunday at Soldier Field.

“Win or lose, it’s going to be a great weekend.” Martz said as he boarded the Thursday night charter to O’Hare. “We’re going out for dinner and drinks on Saturday night. He said that we could maybe go on the big Ferris wheel at Navy Pier.”

heckler editorial staff