Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Guy who forgot to set his fantasy lineup only person in the world not...

"I don't care if everyone says [Matt] Cain is a great guy," said Phil Ramirez, whose fantasy team, Smack my Pitch Up is in 10th place in his 12-team league. "I forgot to start him last night and because of that he's an asshole."

Giants ashamed Melky has tarnished their storied reputation of never getting caught cheating

The Giants front office has publicly admitted it's ashamed that after decades of getting away scot-free for cheating, one of its own finally got nailed when Melky Cabrera was handed a 50-game suspension for PEDs Wednesday.

Selig on Melky’s PED test: ‘Did you hear about Felix Hernandez’s perfect game?’

Bud Selig spoke publicly Thursday for the first time since Melky Cabrera's 50-game suspension for a positive drug test was announced a day before, but rather than address media questions about the topic he deferred to the day's other baseball news.

Selig awards World Series to Tigers after forcing Giants to forfeit all Melky’s games

Bud Selig shocked baseball Sunday night by revoking the Giants World Series victory because of Melky Cabrera's PED suspension in August after playing 113 games in 2012.

Thousands of San Francisco residents to dress up as Giants fans for Halloween today

Hundreds of thousands of people in San Francisco are commemorating Halloween Wednesday by taking to the streets pretending to be Giants fans.

Mets fans hold parade to celebrate Jason Bay’s departure

Detailed crowd analysis revealed that the parade, called the Bay Day March on Fiscal Freedom, got a better turnout than the San Francisco Giants did for their recent World Series rally.