Monday, January 24, 2022

Jaguars optimistic they can remain on pace for 32 points this season

"Sure, 32 points is a lot for us," said Bradley. "But we looked really good on that blocked-punt safety yesterday. Maybe we can squeak out a few more of those. A couple field goals and an MJD TD here or there and we've got a great chance at 32 points this season."

Bears among teams trying to get Belichick’s dog for their front office

Bill Belichick's draft room setup drew attention around the NFL Friday evening, when his dog, Nike, was seen manning (or rather, dogging) the dual-screen laptops prior to the Patriots' first pick in the 2020 draft.

Urban Meyer pledges to grind on women half his age in private only from...

Embattled Jaguars coach Urban Meyer issued an apology Tuesday morning, saying he will mend his ways after a scandalous video surfaced involving him dancing suggestively with a much younger woman who wasn't...