Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Fantasy Report: How does Peyton Manning’s potentially crippling neck injury impact your league?

"While we all wish Manning a speedy recovery from what must be a very painful neck injury, fantasy owners who have Manning on their team need to know how to deal with their own pain in the neck," said Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Reporter Cody Findlay.

Colts sign Archie Manning, Eli remains No. 2 Manning in NFL

"Here I hoped this was finally my moment to shine," said Eli. "But then Dad comes along and steals my thunder. It's always something with this family."

The Heckler’s Fall ’11 issue is out

The Heckler's Fall 2011 issue is out. If you're a paid subscriber, check your email for download information. Also, non-subscribers can download the PDF for just 99 cents.

Peyton Manning films two more commercials during that last timeout

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was able to film two commercials during that last time out, according to sources close to the star quarterback.

NBA Preview: Indiana Pacers

Why They Might Be Good: They won't. They'll be mediocre. They were .500 last year, they'll be .500 this year, and the year after that, and the year after that. In 2010, flexible second year forward Danny Granger will fully mature, and the Pacers will chalk up a record of 42-40. The year after, Granger will get hurt, and we're talking 40-42.

Budweiser not all that proud to bring you Vikings or Colts, NFL sponsor clarifies

“‘Proud’ does not accurately reflect the feelings of our company’s owners and management when we see the on-field play of the Vikings and Colts,” the memo says. “At best, the emotion could be described as ‘mild discomfiture’.”

Winless Colts survive week 6 ‘trap’ game, look forward to rest of season in...

“Wow!” an exuberated chief executive, Bill Polian exclaimed. “That was your classic trap game against Cincy. I mean, they should beat us, but have such a littered history of massive meltdowns and chokes that I was sincerely worried they might let this one go. I almost considered taking Cedric Benson out on the town last night just to lock this sucker down.”