Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was able to film two commercials during that last time out, according to sources close to the star quarterback.

While coach Tony Dungy was stressing the importance of focus and teamwork to the rest of the team, Manning put on a clown nose and multicolored wig, and was overheard triumphantly declaring, “I’m not clowning around—if you miss McDonald’s 19-cent hamburger day, you’re really dropping the ball.”

Manning then ran across the field and heaved bags of Ruffles Potato Chips to fans in the stands, before turning to camera with a big smile.

When asked if Manning’s sideline endorsements were bad for team chemistry, Dungy shrugged off the notion.

“I don’t really see the harm in it. He’s pretty good at rattling those suckers off,” he said. “Have you seen any of Peyton’s commercials? They’re pretty great. I like the one where he’s wearing the wig and tiny moustache. How do they come up with this stuff?”

heckler editorial staff