Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Former teacher gives Manning C- for post-game speech

On the biggest stage in sports, Peyton Manning addressed a worldwide audience of millions while accepting his Super Bowl MVP trophy. Colts fans brushed back tears, but Frank Druin was not among them. As Manning's high school speech teacher, Druin saw much room for improvement.

Peyton Manning appears in every Super Bowl ad

While leading his team to a Super Bowl win Sunday, Colts megastar Peyton Manning was everywhere, both on and off the field. The QB and ubiquitous pitchman appeared in every single commercial played during the pregame, the game itself and post game.

Marvin Harrison utters first words of his life

In an extremely bland Super Bowl week, reporters have been struggling to find a story with pizzazz. That changed Wednesday when Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison said the first word of his life, forcing the entire Colts locker room into a frenzy.

Judge won’t allow Bears fan who lost bet to change name to Peyton Manning

Scott Wiese wanted to be Peyton Manning. Well, not literally. He just wanted his name. Wiese, a Bears fan, lost a Super Bowl XLI bet to an Indianapolis Colts fan. The Bears' 29 - 17 loss meant Wiese had to change his name to the same as the game's MVP. However, a Macon County Judge ruled against the name change and had more appropriate name for Weise.

AFC Divisonal Playoff Preview: San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts

It's going to be up to the Colts offensive line to keep the Chargers aggressive defense off of Peyton Manning. It's going to be up to Manning to find ways to get receivers Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark the football in the face of a solid San Diego secondary.

Eli to sit the rest of preseason and just watch Peyton highlights

“We were simply a mess in game 1 against the Panthers,” said Manning with a sigh. “No third down conversions, linemen flying around like chickens with their heads cut off, a grand total of 36 yards passing. I’m over it. Let David Carr play the rest of the preseason. I’ve got better things to do. I’m going to watch my brother’s highlights.”

Highlights of the wild and the wacky NCAA football week 1

College football is back baby! With approximately 250 games played between Thursday and Monday evening, we're here to boil it all down for you in just 215 words.