While leading his team to a Super Bowl win Sunday, Colts megastar Peyton Manning was everywhere, both on and off the field. The QB and ubiquitous pitchman appeared in every single commercial played during the pregame, the game itself and post game.

“I understand Manning is a great player and very likeable, but give me a break,” said USA Today TV critic Steve Williams, a┬áChicago┬ánative. “It was bad enough I had to watch him beat the Bears, but to see his ugly mug in every commercial was sickening.”

One of the more notable commercials on the night was a Bud Light commercial in which Manning and younger brother Eli slapped each other back and forth.

“I like slapping Eli around. Hell, I’d do that for free,” said Peyton, who appeared Sunday in similar sibling-slapping situations in ads for ESPN, GMC Trucks and Tampax tampons. “If they want to roll the cameras while I’m knocking him around, I might as well collect a six-figure paycheck for

heckler editorial staff