Scott Wiese wanted to be Peyton Manning. Well, not literally. He just wanted his name. Wiese, a Bears fan, lost a Super Bowl XLI bet to an Indianapolis Colts fan. The Bears’ 29 – 17 loss meant Wiese had to change his name to the same as the game’s MVP. However, a Macon County Judge ruled against the name change and had more appropriate name for Weise.

“I will not allow the name change because it would be too confusing and might infringe on the privacy of the real Peyton Manning.” Judge Katherine McCarthy said. “However, I am issuing a court order that all your friends will still be allowed to call you a moron.”

Weise says he’s just glad the judge did not the sentence him to the ultimate punishment.

“I don’t mind being called Peyton Manning. I don’t even mind being called a moron. I was just afraid she was going to make me┬álegally change my name to ‘Rex Grossman.'”

heckler editorial staff