In an extremely bland Super Bowl week, reporters have been struggling to find a story with pizzazz. That changed Wednesday when Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison said the first word of his life, forcing the entire Colts locker room into a frenzy.

As they have done his entire career, reporters stuck microphones in the future Hall of Famer’s face, waiting for him to say something, anything, to fill their columns.

“Pey-ton,” the 34-year-old Harrison said, articulating the first name of his quarterback, Peyton Manning.

Overhearing a voice they had never heard from number 88’s locker, the entire Colts team was as stunned as the parent of a toddler finally begging for its “momma.”

“My boy!” head coach Tony Dungy shouted, running towards Harrison’s locker. “Did, did you just speak your first word? Oh, Marvin, I’m so proud of you!”

heckler editorial staff