Winning is always a big deal especially when you are the lowly Blackhawks. The feeling isn’t quite is good when the team you beat is the even more lowly Los Angeles Kings.

Lasse Kukkonen scored the game-winning goal in overtime as the Hawks topped the Kings 3-2. The Kings are the only team in the Western Conference with a worse record then Chicago.

“Hey, a win is a win,” said Hawks coach Denis Savard. “Everyone likes winning and it doesn’t matter who you play. We actually scheduled an exhibition game against a local suburban high school team to build the team’s confidence. But they’re power play was better than ours so I got nervous and cancelled.”

The Hawks do have the worst power play percentage in the league by far, converting on only 11 percent of their chances. To put it in perspective, that’s lower than George Bush’s approval rating, which is not good.

“Don’t bring me into their mess,” Bush said during a rare interview with Hawks reporters. “They have their problems, I have mine. The two are mutually extrusive. Wait . is that right? Yeah, that’s right.”

heckler editorial staff